Christopher Barley, M.D.
Christopher Barley, M.D.

Women’s Health

Our internal medicine practices offers comprehensive women’s health services including cancer screenings, sexual health treatments, pregnancy and OBGYN services, age-related illnesses, and more. Dr. Barley specializes in women’s health, recognizing that many illnesses affect women differently than men. For instance, women face a higher mortality rate in response to a heart attack and are more prone to experience a second heart attack than men. While heart disease is a major health concern for women in America, it is not the only disease that Dr. Barley focuses on. Dr. Barley can diagnose and treat signs of the most common diseases that affect women, including BRCA gene mutations, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and more.

What are the top health concerns for women?

One of the top health concerns for women is heart disease, followed by cancer, hormonal disorders, osteoporosis, and fertility disorders. Routine physicals with Dr. Barley can reduce the risk of disease in women. When a disease is caught early, treatments are more often successful. If additional medical care or testing is required, Dr. Barley can refer you to another top doctor in NYC.

Heart Disease in women

Heart disease is one of the deadliest diseases for women in America. Heart disease in women is a general term for any condition that negatively affects the heart, its functions, or its pathways. The risk of heart disease can be reduced through preventive medicine, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and routine physicals with Dr. Barley. During a physical, Dr. Barley can assess your current health and medical history alongside your cholesterol levels and blood pressure to detect any warning signs of heart disease. With testing like an in-house ultrasound, Dr. Barley can detect early signs of a stroke or disease by evaluating the health of your arteries.

Symptoms of heart disease may include:

Cancer in women

Women should undergo routine cancer screenings to detect any irregularities in their health. Early detection of breast cancer or other types of cancers means that you may respond to treatment better. If Dr. Barley detects the first signs of cancer or precancerous cells, he can help create a proper treatment regimen. If Dr. Barley feels that your particular case may benefit from seeing another physician, Dr. Barley can recommend a highly skilled specialist, oncologist, surgeon, or medical institution where you can find additional medical care.

Another cancer screening includes a pap smear test, which is a cervical cancer test that screens for potential irregularities, precancerous cells, or cancerous cells. Routine cancer screening, such as breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, and pap smear screening can help detect signs of cancer before it worsens or spreads. Cancer screening options include mammograms, pap smear tests, or other routine exams to detect the early signs of cancer. Dr. Barley also provides cancer screening services to detect symptoms of lung cancer and other types of cancers. Regular cancer screening is important because if Dr. Barley diagnoses you with cancer in its earliest stage, he is better equipped to create an effective treatment regimen. Dr. Barley also works closely with the most skilled breast cancer doctors in NYC and offers genetic testing for BRCA genes and mutations. If Dr. Barley diagnoses you with breast cancer, he can refer you to a leading breast cancer physician for the best treatment.

Osteoporosis in women

Osteoporosis in women is a disease that causes bone loss, which can make bones fragile and more prone to breaking. After conducting a bone density test, Dr. Barley can help create a proper treatment regimen for low bone density or osteoporosis. Dr. Barley’s main focus is on preventive medicine to reduce the risk of becoming ill. Osteoporosis prevention includes getting enough calcium and vitamin D, regular exercise, maintaining a diet with fruits and vegetables, not smoking, and not drinking alcohol in excess. Dr. Barley values diagnosing you accurately and as quickly as possible for the most successful outcome.

Hormonal Disorders in women

Hormonal disorders are when your hormone levels become unbalanced or altered. While hormonal fluctuations like puberty and menopause occur naturally, persistent, unwarranted hormonal fluctuations need to be diagnosed and treated properly by an internist like Dr. Barley. With age, your hormone levels begin to diminish, which causes the onset of menopause. The term menopause is a general term that describes any changes that a woman goes through before or after she stops menstruating. This normally occurs around the age of 45-55. Dr. Barley can help treat any symptoms related to menopause or premature menopause.

Another major hormonal disorder is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Common in women of reproductive age, PCOS is when there are small collections of fluid within your ovary that cause an enlargement of your ovaries. Dr. Barley can perform an ultrasound exam in our radiology unit to detect the signs of PCOS. Women who have PCOS may experience infrequent or prolonged periods of menstruation, acne, weight gain, excess hair, and more. PCOS is also known to cause infertility in some women, so early diagnosis and treatment can help reduce complications and long-term health risks.

Fertility disorders in women

Fertility disorders can affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant and, in some cases, may make it impossible. Common fertility disorders in women include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and structural problems. Dr. Barley is able to diagnose and treat fertility disorders in women, and if further medical care is need, Dr. Barley can refer you to a top fertility specialist or doctor in NYC.

Endometriosis is when the uterine cells that line the uterine wall grow outside of the uterus. Endometriosis has been linked with infertility, but not all women who have endometriosis are infertile. Dr. Barley is able to test and diagnose endometriosis in our office and can refer you to a leading fertility specialist if it is required.

Uterine fibroids are also linked to infertility and are defined as benign tumors that form within the uterus. These tumors along the uterus are referred to as fibroids. Fertility is more likely to be affected by fibroids if they change the position of the cervix, alter the shape of the uterus, block or inhibit the flow within the fallopian tubes, or interfere with blood flow to the uterus.

Uterine fibroids are abnormal growths which are called structural problems of the reproductive system. Other examples of structural problems include conditions where abnormal tissue is present, the fallopian tubes are blocked, the shape of the cervix or uterus is altered, or blood flow is inhibited. It is important to understand potential fertility disorders and to seek prompt medical care from Dr. Barley. With our in-house medical lab and radiology unit, Dr. Barley can perform health screenings and tests to determine any fertility disorders and create a proactive treatment regimen.

What women’s health screening options are available?

Dr. Barley has a private, in-house medical lab in NYC that can provide accurate results within the same day. Dr. Barley can provide quick and accurate medical testing with our advanced sonography unit for medical imagery, in-house medical lab, and premier Lyme disease testing lab. Providing health screenings and unmatched patient care, Dr. Barley can help treat a majority of diseases that affect women’s health.

How can I learn more about women’s health?

Dr. Barley would gladly discuss any questions or concerns regarding our women’s health services. Dr. Barley, a top physician in NYC, can help treat your symptoms and illnesses, but Dr. Barley can also refer you to another leading physician or specialist if he feels your case would benefit from it. To learn more, please schedule an appointment online or call 212.758.3590.


Travel Medicine
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Travel medicine can help prevent you from becoming sick before you travel with vaccinations and travel advice. If you get sick during travel, Dr. Barley can help coordinate complex cases globally and refer you to a local leading physician. Additionally, any illnesses acquired following travel can be diagnosed and treated at our NYC office.

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Internal Medicine
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Internal medicine can help diagnose and treat various illnesses, as well as prevent you from getting sick with routine physicals and wellness checks. At the office of Dr. Barley, we personalize internal medicine for each patient to provide the best in patient care.

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Doctor Barley can conduct a physical examination and administer vaccines in your home, hotel, or business. A house call visit can include vaccinations, medical testing, as well as a referral to a top physician if additional screening is required.

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Corporate Healthcare
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Doctor Barley can assess the health of your business’s staff with prompt, accurate physicals and medical testing. Personally meeting each individual, Dr. Barley can look for any health concerns and provide proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Corporate healthcare can ensure quick, precise results for all members of a business.

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Executive Physicals
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