Christopher Barley, M.D.
Christopher Barley, M.D.

Cancer Screening, Detection, and Referral

Cancer screenings and early cancer detection are vital healthcare practices as some individuals are at a higher risk for cancer due to lifestyle choices or family medical history. In some cases, cancer can be asymptomatic, or cause no visible symptoms or side effects. If close family members like parents or grandparents have or have had cancer, you may be at an increased risk. Focusing on properly diagnosing and treating your specific form of cancer, Dr. Barley can help coordinate your treatment plan by referring you to a leading specialist or oncologist for the most effective treatment regimen. Dr. Barley is an internist in NYC who specializes in the early detection of cancer through tests such as a pap smear, mammogram, prostate exam, and other forms of cancer screening.

What is cancer?

Cancer is defined as a collection of related diseases that cause the body’s cells to proliferate continuously while spreading to surrounding cells and tissue. The normal life of a cell is to grow, divide to form new cells that replace the older cells, and then die. Cancer causes the old cells to continue living, which causes damage when new cells are constantly being created to replace cells that have not yet been exhausted. This abundance of old and new cells begins to form tumors. Cancer can begin almost anywhere in the body, as it can occur virtually anywhere that your cells are growing and dividing.

You may be at a higher risk for cancer if you:

What cancer screening options are available?

At the office of Dr. Barley, we offer a variety of cancer screenings. Cancer symptoms vary depending on severity and the type of cancer. Dr. Barley addresses your symptoms along with your previous medical history to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. With the use of our radiology unit and in-house medical lab, Dr. Barley can provide quick, precise results in a fraction of the time. It is important to properly diagnose cancer quickly in its earliest stages so that Dr. Barley can create an effective treatment regimen or refer you to a leading oncologist.

Preventive medicine can help Dr. Barley detect the earliest signs or symptoms of cancer. Through cancer screenings like a pap smear, lung cancer screening, mammogram, or prostate exam, Dr. Barley can detect the most subtle irregularities and find the cause of these abnormalities. Routine cancer screenings like breast cancer screenings or cervical cancer screenings can help ensure your health. This form of preventive medicine can ensure that you are healthy and not exhibiting any symptoms or signs of cancer. Dr. Barley may need to perform a cancer test such as a biopsy in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis. Depending upon your own medical history and your immediate family’s medical history, you may require more frequent cancer screenings or testing.

Type of cancer Form of cancer screening
Breast Cancer BRCA Genetic Testing
Yearly Mammograms start at 45
Mammograms switch to every 2 years at 55
Cervical Cancer Human Papillomavirus Vaccinations (HPV) starting at 21
A pap smear every 3 years between 21 – 29
A pap smear and HPV testing every 5 years between 30 – 65
Prostate Cancer A prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) blood test to decide on frequency of testing
Annual rectal exams beginning at age 50 for those with irregular PSA blood test results
Lung Cancer Routine lung cancer screening for smokers or ex-smokers who have quit within the past 15 years
Testicular Cancer Yearly physicals with Dr. Barley
Further blood testing or screening if irregularities are found during a physical
Skin Cancer Annual visual skin cancer screenings
Skin Biopsy if abnormalities are found
Colon Cancer A sigmoidoscopy every 5 years
A colonoscopy every 10 years

What if I need to see an oncologist or other specialist?

Dr. Barley is a highly respected internal medicine physician in NYC that can accurately test, diagnose, and treat your symptoms. Dr. Barley has trained under some of the most esteemed, skilled physicians in the most respected hospitals in America. Dr. Barley can help you create an effective cancer treatment, but if Dr. Barley feels you may benefit from seeing a specialist for cancer care like an oncologist, then he can recommend you to a leading physician in cancer diagnosis and cancer detection. Dr. Barley can even help you schedule an appointment with a cancer doctor the following day.

Dr. Barley works closely with the best breast doctors both in New York City and worldwide. If Dr. Barley feels you may benefit from seeing another physician, he can refer you to a leading oncologist or cancer doctor who can help treat your specific case. Dr. Barley has trained under the most qualified oncologists and specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Because Dr. Barley is so highly respected and has worked alongside some of the most skilled cancer doctors in New York City, he can help coordinate your treatment plan with a leading oncologist for the most effective treatment plan.

How can I learn more about a cancer screening?

Dr. Barley would gladly discuss any questions or concerns regarding our cancer screening services. Dr. Barley, a top physician in NYC, can help treat your symptoms and illnesses, but Dr. Barley can also refer you to another leading physician or specialist if he feels your case would benefit from it. To learn more, please schedule an appointment online or call 212.758.3590.


Travel Medicine
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Travel medicine can help prevent you from becoming sick before you travel with vaccinations and travel advice. If you get sick during travel, Dr. Barley can help coordinate complex cases globally and refer you to a local leading physician. Additionally, any illnesses acquired following travel can be diagnosed and treated at our NYC office.

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Internal Medicine
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