Christopher Barley, M.D.
Christopher Barley, M.D.

Internist Doctor Christopher Barley

NYC Internist Christopher Barley, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Barley’s medical career has been dedicated to addressing both the concerns of his individual patients and, at the same time, the political issues and causes that describe the nature of medical care in our society and throughout the world.

Dr. Barley, a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine, has built a highly respected internal medicine private practice in New York City. After attending medical school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., he completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 1996 at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Barley’s time at the New York Presbyterian Hospital also included extensive training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, a world leader in cancer care, and at the Hospital for Special Surgery, one of the world’s finest centers for treatment of joint diseases and musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr. Barley is part of an international network of physicians and hospitals that facilitate high level care throughout the world through referrals and emergency intervention. Working with physicians domestically and internationally, Dr. Barley has access to the top physicians of the world and is able to provide unmatched referrals ensuring patients receive the best care possible.

As President of CITTA, he helps to deliver free medical care to more than 450,000 of the world’s poorest people. CITTA is a nonprofit organization with hospitals in India, Nepal, and Mexico. As President, Dr. Barley oversees the delivery of health care to underserved communities in the Third World.

Dr. Barley served for several years as the Medical Director of Private Health Management. PHM provides priority access to the finest physicians in the world. This care is highly integrated with the newest research and technology, primary care led, and available 24/7. Having served for PHM, Dr. Barley was able to further advance his connectivity to the best physicians within facilities in the US and worldwide.

As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the prestigious Cornell/Weill School of Medicine as well as an Assistant Attending Physician at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Barley teaches medical students, interns, and residents the techniques of physical diagnosis.

In addition, Dr. Barley is knowledgeable on the latest trends in insurance and health care policy by serving on committees and boards within the NYPH system, as well as providing health care policy advice to local, state, and national politicians. Dr. Barley’s practice also benefits from his role as scientific advisor to numerous biotech companies, enabling him to be on the forefront of new developments.

Dr. Barley has been in the private practice of general medicine since 1996. Dr. Barley’s central belief is that medical care, at the highest level, takes time with the upmost attention given to detail. To this end, he has joined the Independent Doctors of NY (IDNY), an organization whose members, some of New York’s most esteemed physicians, do not participate in managed care plans. Dr. Barley has served as the vice-president of IDNY in the past.

In his training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, IDNY, The Cornell Weill School of Medicine at Cornell University, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Barley has created connections with the highest, most respected physicians in New York City.

Dr. Barley uses highly skilled doctors in the most esteemed institutes and can refer his own patients to leading specialists in any field of medicine. Dr. Barley also has access to emergency medical evaluation both domestically and internationally. A highly respected professional, Dr. Barley has been named as one of the top doctors by Castle Connolly for over 10 years.

Working with CITTA, Dr. Barley has been able to provide exceptional medical care to women and children living in impoverished conditions. Through CITTA, Dr. Barley has been able to treat and help men, women, and children who have suffered acts of violence, malnutrition, and more. Continuing to expand and provide additional help to those in need, CITTA is currently building a hospital at the epicenter of the earthquake that struck Kathmandu, Nepal.



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Independent Drs of NY

Dr. Barley is a member of the Independent Doctors of New York (IDNY) and was its past Vice President.

In the view of IDNY, managed care has made it difficult for doctors to deliver the best health care possible without outside interference. When doctors sign contracts with managed care companies, they cede their ultimate authority in medical decisions. It is these companies—not the doctors—that decide which treatments are available, which doctors they may refer to, and what medicines patients may receive. In fact, doctors enrolled in managed care plans are encouraged, by the high volume of patients they must see, to limit their interaction with each patient.

IDNY physicians do not accept this kind of control in the practice of medicine. Recognizing that the relationship of doctor and patient is inconceivable in the absence of mutual respect and trust, they seek to avoid being compromised by bureaucratic and financial pressures external to the practice of medicine.

By maintaining complete autonomy, IDNY physicians are able to offer their patients the best choices in diagnosis and treatment and to remain true to the Hippocratic Oath. Dr. Barley continues to refer his patients to the best doctors and facilities, regardless of whether they are members of IDNY or not.

Why should patients choose an IDNY physician?

As independent doctors, they can perform or recommend any appropriate test, treatment, or surgery and refer patients to any doctor or hospital, regardless of location or affiliation. Their only consideration is what is best for their patients.

IDNY physicians know their patients and respond to their needs. That means convenient, unhurried appointments and courteous help form staff. It also means availability on nights and weekends.

How are IDNY physicians a patient's health care advocate? 

If patients become seriously ill and require expensive medical treatment, they are in the best position to be the patients' advocates in dealing with third-party payers.

What insurance information can IDNY provide?

IDNY physicians provide patients with insurance information on affordable alternatives to managed care such as Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) and High-Deductible Indemnity Insurance.
They can also tell patients how to best use their managed care "out-of-network" option to cover the cost of treatment by an independent doctor.

What if I need a specialist?

From preventive care to having a baby and from a sore throat to major surgery, an independent doctor can offer a patient the most up-to-date, scientifically advanced care available.

IDNY (Independent Doctors of New York)

To find out more about IDNY (Independent Doctors of New York), click on the logo above and visit the site.

Charitable Endeavors


Dr. Barley serves as President of CITTA USA, which is a registered charity dedicated to providing assistance to marginalized or indigenous communities and assisting those in extreme economic, environmental, or political distress. CITTA, whose name is derived from the Sanskrit word for compassionate mind, is an organization that is aware that people of different paths of life share the same world.

CITTA has built and maintains hospitals and schools in India, Nepal, and Mexico in rural areas with limited social infrastructure. By helping these communities, CITTA seeks to build and sustain institutions essential for their survival. The goal is to help create systems that will be maintained by the communities themselves and to encourage economic development, while preserving traditional ways of life into the future.

To find out more about CITTA, click on the logo above and visit their site.


Travel Medicine
Domestically & Globally

Travel medicine can help prevent you from becoming sick before you travel with vaccinations and travel advice. If you get sick during travel, Dr. Barley can help coordinate complex cases globally and refer you to a local leading physician. Additionally, any illnesses acquired following travel can be diagnosed and treated at our NYC office.

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Internal Medicine
Personalized for You

Internal medicine can help diagnose and treat various illnesses, as well as prevent you from getting sick with routine physicals and wellness checks. At the office of Dr. Barley, we personalize internal medicine for each patient to provide the best in patient care.

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House Call Doctor
Serving New York City

Doctor Barley can conduct a physical examination and administer vaccines in your home, hotel, or business. A house call visit can include vaccinations, medical testing, as well as a referral to a top physician if additional screening is required.

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Corporate Healthcare
Comprehensive Physicals

Doctor Barley can assess the health of your business’s staff with prompt, accurate physicals and medical testing. Personally meeting each individual, Dr. Barley can look for any health concerns and provide proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Corporate healthcare can ensure quick, precise results for all members of a business.

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Executive Physicals
Wellness Checks & Exams

Executive physicals can provide quick, accurate medical screenings for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Knowing your time and health are both priorities, Dr. Barley can work around your busy schedule to treat and diagnose any illness, ensuring you are healthy enough to continue leading a successful business.

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