Christopher Barley, M.D.
Christopher Barley, M.D.

Travel Medicine

A highly respected travel doctor in NYC, Dr. Barley can coordinate international medicine or medical cases both domestically and globally. If you become sick while traveling, Dr. Barley is able to help you seek proper medical attention. Dr. Barley can even provide medical advice to ensure your health while you travel abroad and properly vaccinate you to avoid common illnesses where you will be traveling. Dr. Barley can administer vaccines, offer travel advice before you travel, coordinate your treatment if you become ill while traveling, and can refer you to a specialist in the area you are traveling. Combining state-of-the-art medical care and years of experience, Dr. Barley is able to treat you before, during, and after traveling abroad.

What are travel vaccinations?

Like all vaccines, travel vaccinations are designed to help you avoid illnesses and health risks while you travel. Some international traveling, especially traveling to a developing country, poses potential health risks to you. These risks vary depending on the region where you are traveling, activities you partake in, your medical history, and your general health. Most developed countries are fortunate enough to have regular vaccinations, which makes many serious diseases uncommon or rare. In developing countries, however, there is often a higher risk of disease due to irregular vaccinations. It is important to properly plan your trip and vaccinations to ensure your health and wellbeing.

What pre-travel medical care does Dr. Barley provide?

Dr. Barley can prepare you for your trip with a pre-travel physical, which can include travel advice on how to stay safe, as well as travel vaccines that prevent you from catching any illnesses that may be common in the area that you are traveling. Dr. Barley can also help coordinate medicines that you will travel with. Depending upon where you are traveling, Dr. Barley can create a travel medicine regimen including inoculations that will protect you from becoming sick while traveling. Vaccine benefits help your body fight off any potential sicknesses while traveling.

How can Dr. Barley help me abroad?

If you travel abroad and do become sick, Dr. Barley practices travel medicine and can help coordinate your case from his office. Dr. Barley is a highly successful internist in NYC who has an extensive contact list of the most successful physicians, specialists, surgeons, and medical institutions both nationally and internationally. Dr. Barley can help ensure that you receive prompt medical attention if you become ill while traveling by identifying and connecting you with the most respected doctors in that area. Once you return from traveling, Dr. Barley can also provide a thorough examination to make sure there are no hidden symptoms of any illnesses and can even continue your treatment if you exhibit any symptoms. Dr. Barley is fully equipped to diagnose and treat illnesses that you may acquire while traveling abroad.

What post-travel medical care does Dr. Barley provide?

Upon your arrival home from traveling, Dr. Barley can assess your health to assure that there are no symptoms of any illness acquired abroad. If you are feeling unwell after travel, Dr. Barley can also help determine the cause to any of your symptoms and create an appropriate treatment regimen to help you recover from any sicknesses or illnesses acquired while traveling.

Why is travel medicine important?

Travel medicine is important because it is vital that you stay healthy and safe when traveling abroad. It is important to take the correct precautionary steps prior to traveling in order to avoid becoming sick. Dr. Barley is a respected internal medicine doctor who has an extensive knowledge of common diseases both domestically and internationally. With proper vaccinations and preparation, Dr. Barley can help you prepare for your trip so that you avoid becoming ill while traveling.

How can I learn more about the travel medicine or vaccines you offer?

Dr. Barley would gladly discuss any questions or concerns regarding our vaccines or travel medicine services. Dr. Barley, a top physician in NYC, can help treat your symptoms and illnesses, but Dr. Barley can also refer you to another leading physician or specialist if he feels your case would benefit from it. To learn more, please schedule an appointment online or call 212.758.3590.


Travel Medicine
Domestically & Globally

Travel medicine can help prevent you from becoming sick before you travel with vaccinations and travel advice. If you get sick during travel, Dr. Barley can help coordinate complex cases globally and refer you to a local leading physician. Additionally, any illnesses acquired following travel can be diagnosed and treated at our NYC office.

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Internal Medicine
Personalized for You

Internal medicine can help diagnose and treat various illnesses, as well as prevent you from getting sick with routine physicals and wellness checks. At the office of Dr. Barley, we personalize internal medicine for each patient to provide the best in patient care.

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House Call Doctor
Serving New York City

Doctor Barley can conduct a physical examination and administer vaccines in your home, hotel, or business. A house call visit can include vaccinations, medical testing, as well as a referral to a top physician if additional screening is required.

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Corporate Healthcare
Comprehensive Physicals

Doctor Barley can assess the health of your business’s staff with prompt, accurate physicals and medical testing. Personally meeting each individual, Dr. Barley can look for any health concerns and provide proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Corporate healthcare can ensure quick, precise results for all members of a business.

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Executive Physicals
Wellness Checks & Exams

Executive physicals can provide quick, accurate medical screenings for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Knowing your time and health are both priorities, Dr. Barley can work around your busy schedule to treat and diagnose any illness, ensuring you are healthy enough to continue leading a successful business.

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